Every year millions of bottles of beer are destroyed when they reach their ‘Best Before’ date but would still be perfectly good to drink. As the beer branch of the award-winning independent Cambridgeshire wine merchant The Smiling Grape Company, LowCostBeer.Com specialises in short-dated stock, beer that is either near or past its ‘Best Before’ date. Our aim is to pass on big savings to our customers.

‘Sell Buy’ or ‘Use By' is a deadline date for when to consumer your drink whereas 'Best Before' is a guideline date meaning it is safe to drink well past this date. The beer won't be dangerous to drink but the taste may deteriorate over time. It also depends how the beer is created as unlike bread, beer contains alcohol and hops, both of which help in its preservation. 

All of our beers have their best before date listed on our website too so customers can view them and make a decision to purchase. We also ensure that every product is up to our high standards of sale by tasting on a regular basis (it's a tough job) and removing any beer that has past it's drinking window. We taste our draught beers on a daily basis as we want you to enjoy these fantastic beers in the best and freshest way possible.

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