The LowCostBeer.Com ‘Beer O’Clock Club’

LowCostBeer.Com’s ‘Beer O’Clock Club’ is a fun and easy way to experience beer!  We’ll deliver fabulous beers from around the world to your door – you don’t have to leave home.  Expand your beer horizons while saving time and money!

Our cases jampacked of 24 different beers from around the world are beautifully priced at £50.00 and delivery can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or biannually according to your wishes.  This price includes FREE delivery. 

Our customers also enjoy supporting an independently owned family business such as ourselves compared to the large internet beer companies.  We don’t just send out hundreds of the same cases each month – each one is different and tailored to you, your needs, beer requests and desires!

Membership has its Benefits:

  • There are no hidden fees! LowCostBeer.Com’s ‘Beer O’Clock Club’ is completely free to join.  There is no membership fee or obligation so you can delay your case or cancel at anytime. We don’t make it difficult to cancel like some other beer subscription companies out there!

  • You will also experience beers not listed on our website but kept especially for our club members.

  • 10% discounts on extra bottles or cans of your favourite beer for 30 days after the day of delivery and also receive a 10% discount on all beer tastings and special events hosted by LowCostBeer.Com.

  • The pricing for our cases is great value for money. 

  • Free delivery.

  • If for some reason you don’t like one of the beers in your case then we give you a credit.

  • Expect a few beer snacks too, yum! 

£50 / Weekly

£50 / Fortnightly

£50 / Monthly

£50 / Bimonthly

£50 / Quarterly

£50 / Biannually

member perks

10% OFF


Free shipping




If you’d like more details about our Craft Beer Club give us a call. You can reach us on 01480 407644.

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