Draught Joe Espresso Stout Goodh Brewing Co 5.8%


As an extra bonus for our customers LowCostBeer.Com supplies delicious draught beer as it’s meant to be drunk in the comfort of your own home! If you don’t want to go to the pub then our website is a great alternative.

How do you supply draught beer?

Beers are supplied in 100% recyclable 1 litre, 50cl or 33cl PET growlers (beer filling vessels). Filled straight from the keg, growlers also give our customers access to beers they can’t get in bottles or cans. Our customers also love the exploration of new breweries or different types of beer which is what the craft beer market is all about.

What about your pricing?

As we don’t have any big overheads of a pub or bar so we can offer draught beer at a fraction of the cost of your pub pint! Prices can be from just £1.00 per pint!

How long will my draught beer last?

Fresh from our keg, the beer inside the PET bottles will last about seven to ten days if kept cold in the fridge. We recommend consuming the beer within two or three days of opening but as our beer is so delicious this won’t be a problem!

What are the benefits of the PET beer growlers?

  • You can take keg-fresh draught beer wherever you like! It could be a party, camping trip, concert or picnic, you can enjoy your delicious draught in many different scenarios not just in the pub! Since the bottles are air-tight the beer will remain fresh even when on the move.
  • Growlers are also a perfect way to get limited release beers and seasonal specials.
  • The PET container is an event safe alternative to a glass growler.
  • As well as being safe for many events, our PET growlers are unbreakable and 100% recyclable.

Are some beers past their ‘Best Before End’ dates?

Yes, we rescue hundreds of kegs every year which have past their BBE dates.  A standard lager will normally last around 6 months to 2 years after the best before date. This is also true for a standard IPA or ale. All of our beers are rigorously tasted before we buy and sell them to make sure that they are up to our high standards of sale.  Unlike bread, beer contains alcohol and hops, both of which help in preservation.  ​We throw away over seven million tonnes of food and drink in the UK each year, most of which could still have been consumed and appreciated.  Buying from LowCostBeer.Com is doing your bit to reduce that figure! Cheers!


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